collector cards and novels

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Hockey baseball and football collector cards

 hockey cards 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s $1.00 each and up priced per value


star trek trading collector cards

3 nissan alloy rims

Star treks novels $3.00 each soft cover $15.00 hardcover

Honda gold wing full factory repair manual never used $280.00

Brand new motorcycle jacket xl $99.00 each

collector cars $10.00 -$40.00 each

New heated helmets $149.00 each 1 med 1 xl

Honda ctx700 repair manual factor $139.00

Tires staring at $40.00 each

4 renegade atv tires 25x8x12 25x10x12 $280.00

softwood pallets $5.00 each hardwood $20.00 each